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David Beckham Wears One of 2021’s Best New Watches

Updated: Sep 30

The Euro 2020 left fans breathless and gasping for more.

Much like how Star Player David Beckham was spotted with one of 2021’s best watches, it has fans reeling at how elegant Beckham looked in attendance at Euro 2020.

Other great watch sightings have been seen on NBA sidelines (where the Black Panther Audemars Piguet roams), at the Monaco Grand Prix (accompanying Tom Holland), and now in the crowd at Euro 2020.

David Beckham is the latest to flex ownership of one of the industry’s best new releases—an elusive thing in the watch world where long shipping and manufacturing timelines and lengthy wait lists often sit between collectors and hot pieces.

He wore the new Tudor Black Bay Chrono while cheering on his home country against Scotland.

The only reason this watch is one of the best new watch releases is that Tudor has been hitting bullseyes with the consistency of Gerwyn “The Iceman” Price (the world's number-one darts player, obviously)

The new Tudor Black Bay Chronowas just announced back in April. The black-dial chronograph with white subdials that create a reverse-panda dial.

Beckham isn’t the only one with a new watch to show off this week, though: F1 champs are adding to their collections, while JJ Redick knows the best watch to buy right now costs only $500.

What other designer watches have you spotted in hot sporting tournaments?

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