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Get to Know Sachzna Laparan, our New SCR99 Ambassador

Sachzna’s in the SCR99 house, everyone!

Wanna learn more about our newest SCR99 Ambassador? Here are 10 fun things about Sachzna Laparan!

She’s a Successful YouTuber

Sachzna achieved both the Silver and Gold Play button. Currently, she has 1.5 Million subscribers.

Sachzna is a CEO

Sachzna also has a knack for business! She’s the CEO for S by Miss Flawless, a line of beauty products for women in the Philippines.

One of the Sexiest Women in Asia

The young lady was named Most Influential Women in Malaysia last 2016. And now, she bagged one of the Top 5 slots for Sexiest Women in the Philippines.

Sachzna is also an Actress

She starred in several local flicks in the Philippines, alongside other notable stars in the Philippine Film industry.

The Multi-talented Star Sings, too

Sachzna doesn’t only look like an angel, she also sings like one too!

She also rules in TikTok

Think she only does awesome YouTube content? Sachzna also dominates in TikTok! She currently has over 2.8 Million Followers and 15.9 Million Likes.

Single and Ready to Mingle

You read that right folks, Sachzna is on the lookout for Mr. Right!

She’s a Professional Model

She started modeling in 2016 and hasn't stopped since! She’s modeled for dozens of local and international brands in the Philippines.

Sachzna is an Artist

The inner artist in Sachzna came out during quarantine and she’s been posting her artwork on social media. She really has an eye for art!

She’s only 21 years old

All these achievements at the age of only 21 years old. There’s no telling what’s next for this gorgeous lady.

Interested to get to know her more? Check out the entertainment portal she loves - SCR99 Asia, the ultimate entertainment hub.

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