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The 7 Sexiest Asian Accents

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

No one can resist a good accent. It’s scientifically proven that being attracted to a person’s speaking voice leads to infatuation. You can’t help but find some accents irresistible. Most people fawn over British ladies and French lasses, so we've come up with our own list of sexiest accents in Asia. Take a look below. Turkish Turkey has various dialects, these are characterized by lovely soft spoken notes and rhythmic words you’ll fall for. Indian The Indian accent is common to hear in TV, Movies, and social media since they’re very ingrained with different cultures as well. That’s why they’ve got their own version of Hollywood, which is Bollywood. Their pronounced accent is hard to resist. Malaysian Malays have the most americanized accent people always find adorable and sexy. Filipino The Filipino accent is easy on the ears. They can speak fluent English and snap back to their own Filipino dialect without a fuss. Japanese Who does find the Japanese accent kawaii (cute)? Their accent is something most people try (and fail) to imitate! That’s how unique and sexy their speaking voice sounds. Vietnamese Vietnam has a wonderful language spoken by the most beautiful women in Asia. Their unmatched beauty and accent make one sexy package. Korean The Korean culture has taken the world by storm. And their amazing accent is one of the things we love about them! At SCR99, we’ve got ladies from all over Asia to represent our online gaming portal. Meet our Dolls today. Visit our website to sign up for your membership and get exclusive promos and deals!

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