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How Will Everton Recover After Losing 10 Points in the Premier League?

Everton were awarded 10 points immediately after being found to have violated the Premier League's profit and sustainability rules. The penalty is the largest in the history of the competition, leaving Everton 19th in the table on four points.

The club announced that it was shocked and disappointed that the decision was disproportionate and unfair and the club intends to appeal against the decision. The Premier League submitted an Everton case to an independent commission in March, but did not specify the club's breach.

Everton posted financial losses for the fifth consecutive year in March after reporting a deficit of ៤ 44.7 million in 2021-2022. Premier League clubs have been allowed to lose លាន 105 million in three years and Everton has admitted to violating the Profit and Sustainability ( PSR) rules for the end of the 2021-2022 term.

After a five-day hearing in October, the commission found satisfaction with the Premier League, with Everton losing 124.5 million during that period.

A statement from Everton read: "The club does not acknowledge that they have failed to act in good faith and do not understand that this is an allegation made by the Premier League during this time. During the procedure. Neither the strictness nor the severity of the sanctions imposed by this commission is fair or a reasonable reflection of the evidence presented. " The club will also be very interested in decisions made in other cases regarding the profitability and sustainability of the Premier League. "

The points cut comes at a time of great uncertainty at Everton. In September, owner Farhad Moshiri agreed to sell 94 % of his stake in the club to US investment fund 777 Partners. The occupation is undergoing a regulatory process, and before the decision, many sources said it would end next month .

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