• SCR99 Dolls

Meet our SCR99 Dolls

SCR99 is a one stop entertainment hub for all gamers. To accompany you with our non-stop fun gaming choices, we’ve got our SCR99 Dolls!

These ladies love to party and have fun with all SCR99 Games. Get to know more about them here!

Cathryn Li

Cathryn is the sporty girl of SCR99. She loves staying fit and dancing ballet.

When she isn’t partying with our SCR99 players online, she’s out for a drive or in the gym getting in shape! (That rocking body doesn’t happen overnight)

She’s basically your next fitspiration. See more of her amazing skills at SCR99 or follow her on instagram.

Gatita Yan

Gatiita loves living the city life and beach life!

She’s unafraid to live life to the fullest and inspires everyone around her to do the same. That’s what makes her the ideal SCR99 Doll, she’s brave, beautiful, and fun!

Yui Xin

Our SCR99 Doll Yui is a cosplayer at heart. She definitely knows her anime and has the cosplaying skills to prove it!

Her otaku lifestyle is what helps her connect with our players worldwide.

Excited to see who she’ll cosplay next? Stay tuned for her appearances at SCR99 asia.

In Kyung

In is no doubt, picture perfect in all angles.

Her beauty, class, and sass is what makes her stand out of the crowd. And most of all, she’s fun to hang out with online!


Sabee knows how to hustle while staying gorgeous and pretty.

She promotes health and beauty in her instagram account, coupled with her impressive business skills and penchant for modelling.

Vote for your favorite Doll now. Our ladies are counting on you to pick the ultimate SCR99 Doll among them! Sign up for a membership to get exclusive deals, too! Experience the ultimate gaming portal

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