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Plan the Perfect and Safe Songkran Celebration this 2021

Songkran 2020 was enjoyed at home in quarantine. Now, although the same rules apply, you can still have the festivities without threat of COVID-19.

We’ve put together a list of ways to celebrate Songkran with health precaution:

1. House Party

Although there are guidelines prohibiting gatherings and parties, you can always celebrate with the people in your home: your family, friends, roommates, etc. It’s important to stick with the people you’re comfortable with and live in the same household.

You can decorate your space and have a quiet feast at home!

2. Get an Inflatable Pool

The wet and fun part of Songkran Festival on the streets are no longer allowed as well. But there’s no reason not to have some watery fun in the safety of your own home!

Inflatable pools are all the rage these days since water parks are closed down. You can splash around in your backyard and feel the Songkran spirit.

3. Party Online and Enjoy Songkran Exclusive Rewards

Another safe and fun way to enjoy songkran is through partying online! There are hundreds of gaming sites offering Songkran promos and more.

Take advantage of these limited time perks and enjoy Songkran safely.

The end of COVID-19 may seem far away, it may even affect Songkran 2022. We all can’t wait to go back to Songkran traditions, but till then, these substitute celebrations are great for lifting your spirits.

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