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Sachzna Laparan Joins SCR99

Multi-talented, self-made influencer Sachzna Laparan is the new SCR99 Ambassador.

The Philippines is known for its natural beauty - both in land and in Filipina women. Which is why SC99 wanted a Filipina ambassador who embodies beauty, thrill and most of all, fun!

All these qualities, we found in Sachzna Laparan. The young lady has amassed quite a success in the Philippines and around Asia. She was named Most Influential Women in Malaysia last 2016.

She was recently awarded as Top 5 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines.

Sachzna currently has over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and a Silver and Gold Play Button under her belt.

No doubt she’s a natural-born entertainer! The perfect ambassador for your new favorite gaming portal.

Together with SCR99, we’re bringing the ultimate entertainment experience to you.

Join Sachzna Laparan and our other SCR99 Dolls for some online fun.

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